The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride (Signed Book)

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The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride invites listeners to join author Katrina Majkut on a personal and powerful prenuptial journey. With fearless curiosity and fun feminism, the book asks such questions as: Why do brides need their parents' permission to marry? Why don't men wear engagement rings? And why do women change their surname? 

With cheeky insights into the origins of Western wedding traditions (like how the wedding cake is not just dessert but a sexy fertility talisman), Majkut uncovers eye-opening truths about how social traditions impact people's lives. Listeners will learn how to modernize outdated traditions that support the wage gap, street harassment, sex and gender discrimination, and that limit reproductive rights. More than a wedding planning book, The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride is an invigorating and heartening guide to inspire a new generation of fiancés to walk down the aisle as equals.

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