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The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride (Black Rose Writing) invites readers to join author, Katrina Majkut on a personal and powerful prenuptial journey through Western wedding culture. After breaking into her own apartment in her underwear to save a bridesmaid dress, constantly receiving sexual harassment from men on bachelorette parties, getting mysteriously kicked out of wedding party, and then watching others go through similar crap, Majkut threw in her newlywed monogrammed towel and said, “What’s with all the wedding drama? Women deserve better than this!” 

With the help of feminism (the greatest gift anyone can put on a wedding registry), readers will follow Majkut’s calamitous exploits and smarty-pants journey and discover alongside her how wedding traditions aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. With fearless curiosity, she asks such questions as: Isn’t it weird brides need their parents’ permission to marry? How come women don’t propose? Why don’t men wear engagement rings? And can bachelorettes hit up strip clubs without being creepy?

Majkut uncovers eye-opening historical truths about how social traditions impact people’s lives, like how a bride taking her husband’s name was just a tradition to discriminate against out-of-wedlock children and prevent women from voting or getting a drivers license. Or traditions like how the wedding cake is a secret fertility talisman aiming to undermine the newlyweds’ birth control. More than a wedding planning book, readers will learn how to perfect their wedding by modernizing traditions that currently support the wage gap, street harassment, sex and gender discrimination, and limit reproductive rights. Majkut debunks the notion that a wedding is “the bride’s big day” by embracing intersectional feminism so that weddings rituals can better support marriage equality and respect diverse people’s needs. She even goes so far as to share how men are unfairly treated too, because equalitycan’t happen unless everyone works together. Just take it from Majkut—wholearned the hard way—the perfect wedding includes perfect equality.

The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride is a cathartic read for fiancés who want to understand they are not to blame for their wedding woes—it’s wedding traditions’ inherent sexism. For any Freakonomics-lovers out there, Majkut takes a savvy look at behavioral economics, social psychology,and linguistics to understand all this mess, meanwhile pairing her most embarrassing personal stories because this is about weddings after all. They’re supposed to be fun. And despite the large amount of nudity stories in the book, it’s actually been approved by aStanford University professor as a “magnificent addition to [any] women, gender and sexuality studies syllabus” and wedding registry gift. The Adventures and Discoveries of aFeminist Bride is an invigorating and heartening read inspiring a new generation of fiancés on how to say, “I do.”

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“In The Adventures andDiscoveries of a Feminist Bride, Katrina Majkut uses humor and a littletough love to illuminate the sexist history behind most wedding traditions. Imean—we all knew wedding showers were dumb, but did you know they also havedeep roots in sexism? You can thank Majkut for your permanent excuse to neverattend one again! With a blend of research and the author's own weddingexperiences (and hilarious mishaps), she paves a new path for feminists brides,because we shouldn't have to choose between our values and getting married.” 

LauraWillcox, comedian and author of IAm Bride: How to take the “we” out of wedding (and other useful advice)


“I laughed, I learned and I’ll never look at a wedding cakein the same way again…I think the book is marvelous." 

AleishaMcCormack, Founder of the #1 weddingplanning podcast, Bridechilla

The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride leaves the wedding bells ringing, but launches acritical inquiry into the traditions surrounding nuptials. Katrina Majkut notonly introduces the troubling historiographies behind the dress, the proposal,the ring, the cake and other staples of the western wedding, she also gives thewhite wedding crowd the tools to deconstruct ritual in order to negotiate forrelevant, respectful and egalitarian marriage rites. The book is a magnificentaddition to the women, gender and sexuality studies syllabus as well as tothe bona fide feminist wedding registry.” 

Chiseche Salome Mibenge, PhD, humanrights educator at Stanford University’s Haas Center for Public Service

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